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History of Pewaukee Youth Baseball



Pewaukee Youth Baseball (PYB) is intended for boys and girls in Grades K to 8th who are looking for an opportunity to participate in organized baseball. The program is open to all children who reside in or near the City of Pewaukee and Village of Pewaukee.



History and Rules

 ·         Pewaukee Youth Baseball was founded back in 1990. Since then, PYB has worked with area children to teach them good sportsmanship and baseball techniques. PYB currently provides these opportunities for both boys and girls from the 5K to 8th grade, offering both a recreation program as well as a more competitive program.

 ·         PYB started with 95 kids in its first season, and has had as many as 388 kids and 31 teams participating. All of the coaches, directors and board members are volunteers. PYB is funded in part from annual fundraising activities such as Team Sponsorships and a Concessions Service. The proceeds from these activities are used to provide capital improvements to the league such as updated equipment and improved playing fields.

 ·         The original goals of this organization were to instill and develop positive attitudes in kids, and to someday develop a new baseball and sports complex here in the Pewaukee community. The growth of the Pewaukee community begins with the children. Like the building blocks in our homes, factories and offices, it is important to give Pewaukee's young people a solid foundation filled with positive, practical and constructive principles and values such as: 

o    Every player plays every game... No exceptions!

o    Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is

o    Be humble in victory; Be gracious and reflective in defeat

·         The team’s name on the front of the jersey is more important than the individual's name and number on the back.

 ·      The game is just that - a game - intended for fun for one and all.

 ·         PYB is determined to see that the enrollment of young players continues at a high level and that adult volunteers are abundant. Please continue to support our children by donating your time, talents and treasures. Remember - the main purpose for being here is for our children, and we need everyone's help.