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Uniforms and Equipment

  • Pewaukee Youth Baseball provides each team with batting helmets, catching gear and baseballs
  • Each player receives a team hat, uniform jersey and matching socks
  • Players are expected to provide their own pair of white baseball pants, bat and baseball glove (general purpose-type gloves are recommended over position-specific gloves like first base and outfield)


  • In the "A" Division, the "home" team is responsible for providing the home plate umpire, and the "away" team is responsible for providing the base umpire (these are typically parents of children who are participating in the game) 
  • For the "AA", "AAA" and "Majors" divisions, PYB provides the home plate umpire and the "away" team is responsible for providing the base umpire
  • The home plate umpire has the authority to determine whether a base umpire will be used for the game
  • If a base umpire is used, the home plate umpire has the authority to overrule any judgement call made by the base umpire 
  • The home plate umpire controls the game and has authority over all calls; Coaches and spectators are expected to support the umpires in their efforts and decisions (A bad call can be a learning opportunity for players -- not a reason to yell at a teenage umpire)
  • The home plate umpire has the authority to eject players, coaches and spectators for unsportsmanlike or disrespectful behavior